Thanks for taking the time to read my statistics notes. This is where you will start your journey in learning statistics.  One of the main goals of the website is to teach in depth statistics in a very accessible manner. What makes this material unique is that I plan to build up your knowledge sequentially and in logical order. It is rare that you will be able to learn beginning statistics all the way to advanced machine learning from a single source. This means the topics will be taught in a unified manner, i.e. standardized terminology and symbology. As you may already have realized, teaching yourself statistics can be a bit tough as depending on text, the author may use different symbols or terms. Having notations and words standardized should greatly enhance your understanding and increase the speed at which you will be able to learn.

Additionally, I also plan to offer explanations that you may not find just by reading a book. I will try to explain the material in such a way just like a personal tutor would.

How To Use Learn!

While it is not necessary to go in order, if you are completely new at statistics, I do recommend starting from page one. The reason is, all the topics are built up sequentially. At the beginning, I tend to use less technical words but as we learn a new term, I will start incorporating that term going forward. I also try to provide context as to why concepts may be important as I teach them. And thus, as you see concepts later on that are built on prior concepts, my hope is that it will be an “aha” moment for you. With that said, if you are a bit more advanced, feel free to use the Table Of Contents to find a topic of interest.

Additionally, when you are reading, you may encounter highlighted text. These are points I feel should be emphasized.